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Background on the Firearm Lifeplan Site and Project

The Firearm Life Plan site, and its associated resources, was developed to help people think about important questions related to their firearms and protect their families from the burden of making difficult decisions without guidance. A Firearm Life Plan is a voluntary, personal plan made between a firearm owner and those they trust.

We encourage people to fill the documents out and share them only with trusted partners. We can’t plan for everything life throws at us – but we can plan how we’ll respond. And again – the Firearm Life Plan documents are for firearm owners and only those they want to share them with. No information is ever stored on this site.

A Firearm Life Plan will help a firearm owner be prepared. The Firearm Inventory worksheet outlines what someone wants done with their firearms, and when. The Legacy Map lets someone share the importance of firearms in their life and preserve their memories.

How the Site was Created

The Firearm Life Plan was developed through feedback and guidance from firearm owners, family members, and other individuals who have experience with firearms or in providing support and care to older adults who own firearms. We listened to more than 100 people all across the country, hearing what information and tools they would find helpful in making these decisions. These conversations helped us develop tools, discussion points, and other materials that might assist firearm owners make and share these decisions with those they trust.

Who Supports this Site

A team at the University of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center developed the Firearm Life Plan site. The National Institute on Aging provided project funding. The views expressed in this website are those of the creators and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of these institutions, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the United States government.

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