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Here are answers to some common questions.

What is a Firearm Life Plan?

A Firearm Life Plan is a plan made by a firearm owner to help communicate what they want done with their firearms if and when they are no longer able to use them or when changes associated with aging decrease one’s ability to safely operate them. It is a way to take responsibility and create an action plan to prepare for all situations. This plan is individualized and will look different for different people.

How do I know if I need a Firearm Life Plan?

All firearm owners should make a Firearm Life Plan to be prepared for whatever happens in the future.

Do older adults need to give up their firearms?

No. Age is not a determining factor in your ability to own and use firearms. There’s not a set age at which a responsible, safe firearm owner becomes incapable, irresponsible, or unsafe in handling firearms. Rather, it depends on an individual’s physical and mental health, which can be impacted by the aging process. Being a responsible firearm owner means making tough calls, like reassessing your risks, understanding your needs, and making plans for the future; even for things we hope don’t happen.

How does someone know it’s time to consider making changes about how they use firearms?

Physical or mental changes across the lifespan or life circumstances can affect safe firearm handling. See HERE to read about some of the warning signs that may signal it is time to consider making changes about how you or a loved one may use or operate firearms.

What are some ways to begin the conversation about a Firearm Life Plan?

See HERE for Conversation Starters.

What is a Legacy Map?

A Legacy Map is a way to reflect on what your firearms mean to you and communicate that to family and loved ones.

What are options for what can be done with my firearms?

There are many options that may work for different people and may apply to different firearms based on their personal or financial value. Some options including selling, donating, or disabling firearms. See HERE for resources on what to do with firearms.

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