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Resources from the Firearm Life Plan project

We’ve gathered all our materials here in one place.

You can download the full toolkit here:

Or you can download individual worksheets below:

Worksheet: Firearm Inventory

This document helps you and others know what you want to happen with your firearms and who you trust to enact your Firearm Life Plan. You fill out a paper version and share it only with those you want to. Update it whenever you want.

Worksheet: Legacy Map

This document gives you a place to document the memories and meanings attached to your firearms. Like the inventory, you share it with only those you want.

Warning Signs and Assessments

Knowing some potential warning signs can help you and those around you ensure safety. This section also covers when to consider having an experienced firearm user assess your skills.

Conversation Starters

These conversations can be hard. Learn how to start talking about creating a Firearm Life Plan with some conversation starters, whether you’re the firearm owner or a family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more.

Outside Resources

Still looking for more info? View a collection of resources outside of this site that may assist you creating your Firearm Life Plan.

Still looking for more information?

View our main Resources page for FAQs and links to other information to assist you in making a Firearm Life Plan.

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